Previous editions

Edition Venue Date Proceedings Special Issues of selected papers
16th DGCI Nancy, France April 6-8, 2011 LNCS 6607 Debled-Rennesson, I.; Domenjoud, E.; Kerautret, B.; Even, P. (Eds.) ISBN 978-3-642-19866-3 in progress
15th DGCI Montréal, Québec (Canada) September 30 - October 2, 2009 LNCS 5810 Brlek, Srečko; Reutenauer, Christophe; Provençal, Xavier (Eds.) ISBN 978-3-642-04396-3 Pattern Recognition 32-9
Theoretical Computer Science 412-36
14th DGCI Lyon, France April 16-18, 2008 LNCS 4992 David Coeurjolly, Isabelle Sivignon, Laure Tougne, Florent Dupont (Eds.) ISBN 978-3-540-79125-6 Pattern Recognition 42
Computer & Graphics
13th DGCI Szeged, Hungary October 25-27, 2006 LNCS 4245 Kuba, Attila; Ny&uacuotel, László G.; Palágyi, Kálmán (Eds.) ISBN: 978-3-540-47651-1 Discrete Applied Mathematics 157

12th DGCI Poitiers, France April 11-13, 2005 LNCS 3429 Andres, Eric; Damiand, Guillaume; Lienhardt, Pascal (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-25513-3 Image and Vision Computing 25
Computer & Graphics

11th DGCI Naples, Italy November 19-21, 2003 LNCS 2886 Nyström, Ingela; Sanniti di Baja, Gabriella; Svensson, Stina (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-20499-7 Discrete Applied Mathematics 147

10th DGCI Bordeaux, France April 3-5, 2002 LNCS 2301 Braquelaire, Achille; Lachaud, Jacques-Olivier; Vialard, Anne (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-43380-5 Graphical Models

Pattern Recognition Letters 25-5

9th DGCI Uppsala, Sweden December 13-15, 2000 LNCS 1953 Borgefors, Gunilla; Nyström, Ingela; Sanniti di Baja, Gabriella (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-41396-0 Pattern Recognition Letters 23-6
8th DGCI Noisy-le-Grand, France March 17-19, 1999 LNCS 1568 Bertrand, Gilles; Couprie, Michel; Perroton, Laurent (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-65685-5

7th DGCI Montpellier, France December 3-5, 1997 LNCS 1347 Ahronovitz, Ehoud; Fiorio, Christophe (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-63884-9

6th DGCI Lyon, France November 13-15, 1996 LNCS 1176 Miguet, Serge; Montanvert, Annick; Ubeda, Stephane (Eds.) ISBN: 3-540-62005-2

5th DGCI Clermont-Ferrand, France September 25-27, 1995

4th DGCI Grenoble, France September 19-20, 1996

3rd DGCI Starsbourg, France September 20-21, 1993

2nd DGCI Grenoble, France September 17-18, 1992

1st DGCI Strasbourg, France September 26-27, 1991

17th IAPR International Conference on
Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

March 20-22, 2013, Sevilla, Spain


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